WM35 Digital Water Meter with Hot and Cold Water Inlets

Achieve the perfect dough for superior baked goods every time! You get the best results with dough that has been handled as little as possible, and a Doyon water meter is a perfect complement to your mixing process. The WM35 Digital Water Meter allows you to add the precise amount of water that you need to give you the proper consistency and avoid flat flavored or dry crumb breads. It measures water volume with +/- 1% accuracy and reads water temperature from 35°F to 140°F (2°C to 60°C).

  • Water flow rates from 4.75 to 10 US gallons/minute

  • Water pressure from 15 to 70 psi

  • Water flow rate can be measures in ounces, gallons or liters

  • Water temperature can be measured in degrees F or C

  • Automatic thermostatic mixing

  • Quantity of water dispensed can be set manually or programmed (one setting)

  • Manual temperature setting


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Doyon WM35 Water Meter






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