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S   R   O   1      S   E   R   I  E   S   

R   O   L   L       I   N       R   A   C   K       O   V   E   N

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Doyon's Signature Rack Oven is one of the top of the line rotating rack ovens in the market. It's so versatile you can bake bread, pastries, pizzas, pies, meat, hamburgers and even veggies. It takes the best selling feature from our CA & JA series ovens and adds in picture display, rebar reinforced walls, and so much more. It comes with a touch screen programmable control which features a high volume manual shot and constant pulse steam injection system. The SRO series ovens accept standard suspended type racks for easy maintenance and cleaning, stainless steel floor and front mounted panel. The SRO is a space-saving unit and available in gas or electric.

  • Programmable Touchscreen Control - requires little to no training

  • Eight stage baking, with variable air speed and adjustable air flow

  • Speedy temperature recovery and efficiency

  • 550°F max temperature

  • High production steam system

  • Shot or pulse steam injection

  • Flush stainless steel floor for easy rack loading, no ramp required

  • Speedy temperature recovery and efficiency

  • Prison Option available for minimum and maximum security facilities 

  • Ships in one piece or knocked down

  • Energy efficient: Fisher Nickel FSTC Report #501311231-RO; ASTM Test Method F2093-11

D  O  W  N  L  O  A  D  S 

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New SRO Brochure.JPG
SRO1E SRO2E Manual
SRO1G SRO2G Manual

SRO1E & SRO1G Specification


SRO Product Brochure

SRO1E Manual

SRO1G Manual

S  R  O     O  P  E  R  A  T  I  O  N      V  I  D  E  O

SRO Ovens Manufactured Before February of 2019

S  R  O     O  P  E  R  A  T  I  O  N      V  I  D  E  O

SRO Ovens Manufactured After February of 2019

C U S T O M E R S   A L S O   B O U G H T

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