SM302 Bread Slicer for Sandwich Bread

  • Table top design

  • Slices loaves up to 5" high and 15" long

  • Slices up to 250 loaves per hour

  • 22" long gravity infeed chute with bread pusher

  • 15" wide blade holder

  • Bagging shelf and crumb tray included

  • Choose your slice thickness:

    • SM302: 5/8" (15mm)​ thick slices

    • SM302A: 3/4" (19mm) thick slices

    • SM302B: 1/2" (13mm) thick slices

    • SM302C: 1" (25mm) thick slices

The Doyon SM302 bread slicer is the finishing touch for your baking program. It slices quickly and produces uniform bread slices with a gentle clean cut. It's 9 times more efficient than slicing by hand, producing up to 240 loaves of sandwich bread per hour! It's perfect for any bakery, grocery store and commercial kitchen.


SM302 Manual





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