Proofers and Retarder Proofers

Doyon's roll-in Proofers and Retarder Proofers are the workhorses of any large baking operation. They feature even air flow to maintain the precise heat and humidity required for proofing and retarding/proofing.  They accommodate roll-in bakery racks for easy product transfer.  The proofers operate from room temperature to 110°F (43°C) degrees with a relative humidity up to 95%. The retarder proofers operate to a minimum temperature of 36°F (2°C) degrees for retarding and automatically switch from retarding to proofing, from room temperature to 110°F (43°C) degrees.  

Looking for a proofer you can cusomize to fit your space?  Look no further... Doyon's Perfect Proofers and Retarder Proofers are the answer!

Doyon E236 Proofer
Doyon ER236 Retarder Proofer
9x4 Perfect Proofer.jpg