Proofers and Retarder Proofers

Doyon's NEW Perfect Proofers and Retarder Proofers conveniently ship flat for assembly on site.  They go through any existing door, regardless of size, and can be configured for the size of the room.  Use the configurator* to build your proofer, get a specification sheet and place your order.

  • Custom configure size and function online

  • Modular design ships flat - build on site with the easy locking mechanism and little effort

  • All stainless steel and fully insulated for energy efficiency

  • Fits the same racks as our SRO series ovens

  • Easy connect to utilities; built-in drain

  • Designed for continuous 24-7 operation

  • Sizes range from 1 rack to 18 racks

About Perfect Proofer
Operation Video