LMA624 Reversible Dough Sheeter

Sheet up to 30 pounds of dough up to 18" wide. It's suitable for sheeting and stretching many types of doughs: croissant, puffed pastry, danish, flaky pastry, donut, pie, pizza and more! This efficient sheeter has 20 speeds and reduces labor cost by being able to roll dough faster than rolling by hand. It's perfect for bakeries and commercial kitchens alike.

  • Forward and reverse action with digital 20 speed control. Ideal for delicate products.

  • Heavy-duty, maintenance-free 3/4 HP motor

  • High precision sheeting, producing more homogeneous dough with a thickness of 1/32" (1mm) to 1/2" (40mm).

  • Sheeting rollers, lower scraper, dough collector and flour container

  • Security bars for accident prevention

  • Wheel mounted with quick locking device and anti-vibration feet

  • Removable and adjustable conveyor; folds up for compact storage and easy cleaning





Specification Sheet

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