JA20 & JA20G Jet Air Ovens
Doyon JA20 Convection Oven
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* Interior Height is per cavity

JA Jet Air ovens have a unique and patented Jet Air system that bakes faster and more evenly. The air moves in one direction, stops, then moves the opposite direction producing exceptional baking results. The Jet Air fan system will save energy and labor. These ovens can bake or cook a wide range of products. To get the results you really want, they come with a fan delay for delicate products. The steam injection system gives you a precise mist for the best crusty breads, bagels, french baguettes and more!

  • Two oven cavities; great for high volume or baking different products

  • Advanced oven control with 8 stage baking and 99 programmable recipes and USB port

  • Variable air speeds and fan delay; door switch cutoff for fan blower

  • 500°F max temperature

  • Programmable shot and pulse steam injection

  • Twenty18"x26" pan capacity

  • Available in electric or gas


Doyon JA20 Spec Sheet


Specification Sheet

Doyon JA20 Manual
Doyon JA20G Manual

JA20 Manual

JA20G Manual