JAOP12SL Convection Oven Proofer Combination
Doyon JAOP12SL Baking Oven Proofer Combination

The JAOP Series is known worldwide for its unique Jet Air System, a bidirectional air system with gentle velocity air flow for exceptional baking results. The Jet Air System will help you bake more evenly without having to turn pans during baking time, saving you time, energy and money. The proofing function features even air flow and fully automatic humidity system - not water pans to fill.

  • Two separate ovens with separate controls for each oven; 99 programmable recipes and digital timers for each; proofer has manual controls for heat and humidity

  • Baking temperature to 500°F (260°C)

  • Steam shot and pulse injection system for the best baked goods

  • Separate proofer features even air flow and automatic humidity injection for easy proofing

  • 18"x26" pan capacity (side-loaded): 12 pans in oven; 18 pans in proofer

  • Available in electric power only



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JAOP12SL Manual