ER236 & ER236TLO


Doyon E236 Retarder Proofe

The ER236 Series Roll-In Retarder Proofers are ideal for keeping your doughs in a refrigerated environment until they are ready to be proofed. The keep precise temperature and humidity to maintain the best conditions for retarding and proofing, while saving labor and time before you bake.

  • Refrigeration mode: minimum temperature of 36F (2C); integrated automatic gravitational cooling system

  • Proofing mode: maximum temperature of 110F (43C) with relative humidity up to 95%; separate heat and humidity controls

  • Automatic water fill system (no water pans to fill)

  • 7 day programmable timer

  • Glass doors and brightly lit interior to view proofing without opening the door

  • ER236 will accommodate two single racks: 18"x26" (457mm x 660mm) or 20"x30" (508mm x 763mm) up to 68 1/2" (1734mm) high.

  • ER136TLO will accommodate two single racks: 18"x26" (457mm x 660mm) or 20"x30" (508mm x 763mm) up to 73" (1854mm) high.

  • Consult chart for interior dimensions to accommodate racks

  • Racks not included


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