DM800 Dough Moulder

Doyon DM800 Dough Moulder

Doyon's Bread Moulder will mould your dough pieces for quality baguettes, sandwich rolls, bread rolls, hot dog rolls, submarine rolls, challah, French loaves... just about any long shaped bread. They feature delicate and progressive action for proper moulding and will do portion sizes from 1.75 to 42.4 ounces. They will save you time, requiring less skill and labor, while increasing your proficiency and yielding better results. They're up to 4 times more efficient than moulding by hand!

  • Automatically moulds dough pieces into elongated shapes with tapered ends

  • Adjustable dough length and thickness

  • Delicate, accurate and progressive moulding action for a variety of dough types

  • Moulds up to 1200 pieces per hour; 1.75 to 42.4 ounces (50 - 1200g)

  • Ideal for doughs between 45 and 70% hydration

  • 3 roller infeed; retractable outfeed table; synthetic belt

  • Stainless steel construction with stand

  • 1.5 HP motor

  • Hopper safety system



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