D20 Hydraulic Dough Divider

Doyon D20 Hydraulic Dough Divider

Doyon's hydraulic dough divider gently and evenly divides up to 35 pounds of dough into 20 even pieces at a time. It's simple to operate, easy to clean and virtually maintenance-free. The round chamber minimizes the pressure on the dough, combining performance, speed and labor savings. Production is up to 4 times faster than dividing by hand.

D20 Hydraulic Divider Dough
  • Automatically divides dough into 20 even pieces

  • Stainless steel construction; stainless steel cutting blades with non-stick coating

  • All swivel casters; 2 locking

  • Cast aluminum cover with locking handle

  • 2 HP motor





D20 Hydraulic Divider Manual Cover.JPG


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