CPF412 Bread Slicer for 17 5/16" Loaves - 1/2" Thick Slices

Doyon CPF Bread Slicer

The CPF412 slices quickly and produces uniform bread slices with a gentle clean cut. It's 9 times more efficient  than slicing by hand, producing up to 250 loaves per hour! Push the handle, place your bread and release the handle; the slicer blades will automatically start.  Then, you can push the bread through with a safety loaf pusher. It's perfect for bakeries, grocery stores and commercial kitchens.

  • Slices a variety of bread types

  • Loaves up to 17 5/16 inches long; 1/2" thick slices

  • Slices up to 250 loaves per hour

  • Equipped with crumb drawer and bagging shelf

  • Safety loaf pusher included

  • Motor stops automatically after loaf has been sliced

  • Floor model



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CPF Bread Slicers Manual Cover.JPG


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