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Bakery Management System

Introducing BakeSuite, Doyon's revolutionary Bakery Management System.  It's an intelligent operating system that manages your bakery, reduces dependency on labor, streamlines workflow, provides accurate recipes and integrates with your bakery equipment to provide consistent results every time. Manage your recipes, forecast your sales and control your inventory all in one screen.

BakeSuite for Web Final logo.jpg
  • Use the smart screen and app to store and scale your recipes and execute multiple recipes simultaneously

  • Connected scale for real time measurement of ingredients

  • Cloud integration of system with your other bakery equipment, all the way from the mixer to the oven

  • BakeSuite collects all of your data and can provide analytics and reports on ingredients portioning, inventory management, energy consumption, preventative maintenance, labor as well as forecasting what will be needed for future dates and events.

BakeSuite in Action
Connect Your Equipment
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