AR150XA, AR150XE and AR150XB Tilt Over Spiral Mixers

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The AR150 Hydraulic Lift Spiral Mixers make the finest quality dough in large batches. Proper oxygenation, rotational speed, synchronization of the bowl and hook, as well as time are crucial for making the perfect dough. They're great for breads, bagels, pizza and gentle French style dough.  The AR150 mixers have a 375 quart capacity and a hydraulic lifting system to handle the heavy load.

  • Easy to use digital controls with 2 speeds and 9 programmable speed/time settings; automatically switch from speed 1 to speed 2; jog and reverse

  • Unique stainless steel bowl with high center that eliminates dough feeder post; eliminates friction and increases water absorption and prevents overheating for longer yeast viability and better gluten development

  • Drain for easy bowl cleaning

  • Two independent motors with non-slipping belt for tough mixes

  • Superior torque transmission eliminates vibration and noise

  • Hydraulic system available in left or right lifting to empty the bowl

  • 375 quart bowl capacity; 26.5 to 529.1 lb dough capacity (60%AR)

  • Standard white enamel or optional stainless steel finish

  • Right or left lifting available

  • Optional integrated water meter



Mixer Accessories Sheet

Mixer Accessories Sheet

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Specification Sheet

Doyon Spiral Mixer Bowl Drain