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Doyon Test Kitchen

Doyon Bakery Equipment Specialists is very pleased to make available for our prospective and/or existing customers the use of our fully-outfitted demonstration/test kitchen at our Doyon company headquarters in Liniere, Quebec.

Located approximately 1-1/2 hours east of Quebec City, only 20 miles north of the Maine USA border crossing, our demonstration/test kitchen is the perfect environment in which to try out any piece of Doyon equipment before purchasing, as well as for more in-depth product development.

We maintain an inventory of equipment including “Jet-Air” and “Circle-Air: ovens, rack ovens, Artesan deck ovens, pizza cooking equipment, proofers, mixers, sheeters, divider-rounders, bread moulders, and with plenty of workspace and support equipment available in order to make a visit a productive work session.

We staff certified bakers on our staff whom are happy to work with any customer on formula/recipe development, and equipment usage and operation. Refrigerated and freezer stores are available, and we coordinate all incoming shipments. The town of St. George, approximately 9 miles/14 km away, provides convenient hotel accommodations and members of our sales and marketing staff will work closely with you to organize and host all aspects of a visit.