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Doyon Equipment Inc – Frequently Asked Questions


The Doyon Equipment, Inc. Mission Is To Satisfy And Surpass Our Customer’s Expectations. We Strive To Develop New Bakery And Foodservice Equipment That Creates Solutions By Anticipating And Taking Advantage Of Future Technologies. By Doing So, Doyon Bakery Equipment Specialists Attains A Leadership Position In The Bakery And Foodservice Industries That We Serve.

Our Technology Has Evolved To A Great Degree From Our Ovens, Which Are The Bread & Butter Of Our Product Line. We Call Our Technology In This Regard “Jet-Air™”.

This is Not Just Another Convection Oven.. “Jet-Air™” Is The Next Generation Of Convection Oven.

These Ovens Are Highly Versatile Units And Are Designed For All Types Of Cooking Applications, Fine Baking, As Well As All General Purpose Cooking. There Are No Limitations. - Baking, General-Purpose Cooking, Convenience, Warming, Roasting, Re-Thermalizing, & Frozen Is All Possible And Accomplished n An Excellent Manner. Whether You Are Baking The Finest, Flakiest Croissants, Or Roasting A Succulent Turkey Or Prime Rib, Doyon “Jet-Air™” Ovens Will Deliver Excellent Results For You With Your Specific Product Application.

Doyon “Jet-Air™” Ovens Are Available In 3 - 28 Pan Capacities. They Have Side & End Load Pan Configurations. Shelves Have A Recessed Design That Allows You To Get An Oven Mitt Under A Pan More Easily. Gas Natural Or Propane) Or Electric Models Are Available. Proofers & Heated Cabinet Options Are Frequently Chosen To Create An Integrated System. Even Sliding Doors Are An Option On Some Of Our Ovens! Doyon Treats Specials & Custom Applications As “Normal Business” Without An Attitude Or Outrageous Cost Premiums.

“Jet-Air™” Offers You A Major Step-Up From All Of The Commodity & Cost Engineered Convection Ovens Now On The Market Today - It’s Time To Put Quality Back In The Cook Platform.

Each Doyon “Jet-Air™” Oven Is Build By A Craftsman Who Actually Sign Their Name On The Inside Of The Oven. Over 40% Of Our Work Force Have Individually Each Over 20 Years Tenure Building Doyon Products – Pride & An Assurance That You Are Purchasing Something Really Special.

Doyon Is An “American Culinary Award Of Excellence” Recipient For Our “Jet-Air™” Technology.

We Always Offer You 100% Unconditional, Money-Back Customer Guarantee With Doyon – This Is For Your Total Piece-Of-Mind.

Question: When Did This “Jet-Air™” Technology Originate With Doyon?

“Jet-Air™” Technology Was First Developed By Doyon 1985.

Question: What is “Jet-Air™” Technology & Really, Why Is It Better?

“Jet-Air™” Technology Employs An Oversized, All-Welded, Stainless Steel (Corrosion & Grease-Proof) Flat-Fined Fan,
Located In Back Of The Oven, That Draws Air In & Over A Heat Exchanger. It Is Extremely Efficient. Heated Air Is Distributed To Top, Bottom, & Sides Of Oven Via An Adjustable Diffuser. You Get A Gentle, Uniform, Heated Air Flow Over All Product Surfaces – Top, Bottom, & Sides, Irregardless Of Pan Placement Or Pan Spacing Inside A “Jet-Air™” Oven.

The Fan Automatically Reverses Every 2-1/2 Minutes. This Is A Huge Advantage In Air Movement, Even Cook Pattern, & Thermal Transfer Air-To-Product Vs. All Convection Ovens. There Is No Need Ever To Turn Pans In Order To Get A Perfect, Even Bake/Cook Result. One Less Thing To Worry About In Your Kitchen!

In Addition, Product That Is Placed With Little Space Between Pans Will Still Bake/Cook Evenly.

A Positive Ripple Effect Is That Oven Doors Stay Closed Thus Keeping Heat Inside The Oven. Energy Consumption & Recovery Is Reduced. There Is At Least A 15% Energy Savings Vs. Any Convection Oven Because There Is A More Efficient Heat Transfer/More BTU/Cu. Inch Air. A “Jet-Air™” Oven Cycles The Heat Exchanger Less Often Thus Uses Less Energy. The Fan & Heat Exchanger Design Is Highly Reliable.

The Larger Fan In The “Jet-Air™” Oven Moves A Larger Quantity Of Air That Contains More Heat/BTU’s, But The Key is At A Lower Velocity (7 – 8 mph) Than With Any Convection Oven (18 – 20 mph). There Is No Need For 2-Speed Fan For Delicate Products Like Muffins & Soufflés Because “Jet-Air™” Is Already Designed To Move Air At A Lower, More Gentle Air Velocity.

Question: What Type Of Products Will “Jet-Air™” Technology Cook?

“Jet-Air™” Ovens Cook Anything & With Better Results. No Limitations. You Can Bake/Cook Rolls, Buns, Pastries, Muffins, Cookies, Cakes, Pies, Bagels, Croissants, Pizza, Pasta, Hamburgers, Convenience Foods, Appetizers, Finger Foods, French Fries, Egg Dishes/Soufflés, Pan-Sautee, Game, Poultry, Chicken, Turkey, Roasts, Bulk Vegetables, Casseroles, Slo-Cook, & Rethermalized Foods, A-La-Carte, & Bulk Production Cooking.

Question: As Far As Baking, Can I Bake Delicate Pies, Pastries, Soufflés, & Meringues In A “Jet-Air™” Oven With Good Results?

Yes. You Can, And Amazingly Well. Doyon “Jet-Air™” Ovens Are Designed To Excel At Delicate Products. If You Compare Doyon “Jet-Air™” To Convection Ovens, You Will Find That The Doyon Exclusive Fan Reversing System That Moves Air More Gently & Evenly, Will Create Perfect Muffins, Pastries, Soufflés, & All Delicate Products.

Question: Can I Produce More Products Within The Same Given Time With A Doyon “Jet-Air™” Vs. A Convection Oven?

Yes, Hands Down. You Should Always Compare The Doyon “Jet-Air™” Oven Inside Chamber Size & Pan Spacing Vs. Any Convection Oven. Why? Many Convection Ovens Claim Greater Number Of Pan Capacity But You Really Must Look At The Shelf Spacing. Most Convection Ovens Base Their Shelf Spacing On 2-1/2” Spacing. On The Other Hand, Doyon “Jet-Air™” Oven Shelf Spacing is 3” To 5” With The Capability To Do Smaller Spacing, If Asked For. Doyon Has Larger Cavity Size & Greater Pan Capacity.

Question: Where Are The Real Differences With “Jet-Air™” Technology Vs. Convection Ovens? Can You Point Out The Specifics?

These Are The differences Between A Doyon “Jet-Air™” Oven And Any Convection Oven In A Nutshell:

  • Doyon “Jet-Air™” Ovens Cook/Bake At Lower Temperatures, Usually 25% To 30% Lower – Big Energy Saver..
  • Doyon “Jet-Air™” Ovens Bake/Cook Faster, Usually A 20% - 30% Decrease In Cook Time.
  • Doyon “Jet-Air™” Ovens Use Less Energy, Usually 15% Or More.
  • Doyon “Jet-Air™” Ovens Give You 100% Even Bake Without Pan Rotation. This Saves You Time, & Product Waste.
  • Doyon “Jet-Air™” Ovens Are All 300 Stainless Steel Construction Inside & Out, As Standard - No Painted Surfaces. No Aluminum. No Galvanized Or Anything Else. Doyon Only Builds Ovens With All Stainless Steel. We Build To A Higher Standard Than Any Convection Oven Manufacturer.
  • Doyon Is Not Looking At Cost Cutting. We Delivery Quality. There Are Plenty Of Convection Ovens Sold On Price As A Commodity – That Is Not Doyon.
  • Electronic Steam Injection Is Also A Standard Feature - Steam Is An Advantage For Baking As Well As General Purpose Cooking. Steam Produces Better Product Yields & Product Appearance. Doyon “Jet-Air™” Ovens Give Humidified Combi-Cooking, And Produce Combi-Like Results, At Fraction Of The Cost Of Combi Ovens & Without The Cost & Maintenance Associated With Combi Ovens.
  • A Fully-Welded, Pressurized Stainless Steel Oven Liner Is Also A Standard Feature - Doyon Oven Liners Are Built To A Higher Quality Standard.
  • #6 Mirror-Polished Stainless Steel Oven Interior & High-Intensity Incandescent Lighting Is Yet Another Standard Feature – The Doyon Oven Cavity Is 40% Brighter Than Any Convection Oven. This Is Very Apparent The First Time That You Step In Front Of A Doyon “Jet-Air™” Oven. As An Operator, You Get More Illumination Of Your Products, Both Cooking & Merchandising. If You Are The Cook Or Baker, You Can Easily See Into The Far Back Of A Doyon “Jet-Air™” Oven To Check Your Product Without The Need To Open The Door - This Saves Lots Of Energy.
  • In A Retail Area, A Doyon “Jet-Air™” Oven Produces Superior Product Merchandising Over Any Convection Oven. Products Literally “Jump Out” At Your Customer From Inside Of The Oven. There Is More Impulse Purchasing.
  • Doyon “Jet-Air™” Ovens Are Much Easier To Clean Built With “Fine-Pore” #6 Stainless Steel Interior.
  • Doyon “Jet-Air™” Ovens Have A Fully-Welded Box Frame That Incorporates 6 – 8 Gauge Lateral & Vertical Members - Arguably, The Strongest Built Oven On The Planet, But From The Inside Out. The Expansion & Contraction Associated With Heat Takes A Toll On Ovens. We Have 20 Year Old Doyon Ovens In The Field That Have Held Up Perfectly From A Structurally Basis. This Will Not Happen With Any Convection Oven Produced Today.
  • Doyon “Jet-Air™” Ovens Utilize Oversized 3/4” Thick Tempered Glass Doors. More Glass = More Visibility Into The Oven = A Much Easier Oven To Work With. You Never Have The Problem Of Smoke/Food Debris Getting Between Double Layered Panes Of Glass Over Time When Due To The Glass Seals Breaking Down Under Heat. This Happens With All Convection Oven Doors. Why Be Forced To Have To Go To Solid Stainless Steel Doors That You Can’t See Through When Doyon “Jet-Air™” Oven Doors Are Always 100% Cleanable?
  • Doyon “Jet-Air™” Ovens Use Modular and Removable “Emron” Digital Thermometers & Timers - Simple Manual Controls – Reliable – Dependable – Trouble-Free. Intuitively Designed Cook/Baker Friendly. Small Replacement Cost If Replacement Ever Needed. These Components Slide Out Easily If Replacement Is Ever Necessary, Instead Of Replacing The Entire Control Panel As With A Convection Oven.

Question: What Type Of “Options” Should I Consider With A Doyon “Jet-Air™” Oven?

All Doyon “Jet-Air™” Ovens Are Very Complete As Standard, But There Are Some Options Worth Considering For More Specialized Applications:

Oven-Proofers – If You Are Doing Baking That Requires Proofing, Or Cooking That Requires Heated Holding, You Should Consider An Oven-Proofer, With The Proofer And/Or Heated Cabinet On The Side Of The Oven. This Type Of Combo Is Your Best Bet For Reducing Footprint Size, Energy Consumption, & Overall Equipment Cost.

With the Warmer Option, The Proofer Section (Which Is Normally 115oF Maximum Temperature), Becomes Multi-Purpose. It Can Achieve Holding Temperatures Up To 250oF. It Will Keep Food Products Safely For Up To 5 Hours Under Humidified Holding. This Option is Ideal For Catering & For Any Space-Saving Conscious Operator. Doyon Employs A Reliable High Temperature (250oF) Temperature Controller, 4” Thick Insulation, & Heavy-Duty Heating Elements.

Control Panel Customization - Doyon “Jet-Air™” Ovens Come As Standard With Very Reliable Manual Digital Time & Temperature Controllers. These Are The Modular and Removable “Emron” Digital Thermometers & Timers Mentioned Above. All Doyon “Jet-Air™” Ovens Are Available With A Programmable Control That Allows Pre-Set Menu ID’s That Control The Parameters Of Time, Temperature, Steam, Fan Delay, All As A “Single-Touch” Button. We Have Found Programmable Controls Especially Effective For Chain Operations, As Well As In Difficult Labor Markets.

Fan Delay Switch – This Option Delays The Operation Of The Fan In Each Oven Compartment For Five Minutes Upon Initial Start-Up. It Can Be Switched Off If Not Desired. This Option is Useful For Very Liquid Muffin Batter That Requires Standing Time At The Beginning Of The Bake Cycle In Order To “Set-Up” Properly.

Doyon “Jet-Air™” Ovens Pizza Cooking Options – We Offer A Complete Line Of Pizza Cooking Ovens As PIZ And FPR Models, As Well As Conveyor Ovens. But, Should You Want To Cook Pizza In The Doyon “Jet-Air™” Oven, We Offer The “Pizza Cook” Option That Includes A ¼” Thick Nickel-Plated Steel Deck That Is Placed Over A Shelf(s) In The Doyon “Jet-Air™” Oven. It Offers A Terrific “Deck-Bake” Quality Pizza Product That is Equal-To Or Better Than A Stone Bake. In This Case, We Recommend That The Doyon “Jet-Air™” Oven Be Run At A Higher Temperature For The Best Pizza Bake Result, And Therefore We Supply As Part Of This Optional Package A Higher Temperature Door Gasket. By Going This Route, You Are Able To Achieve Tremendous Flexibility, All In One Piece Of Equipment.

Proofer Relative Humidity Control - Doyon “Jet-Air™” Oven-Proofers Offer This Option Of A Very Precise Digital Humidity Control That Is Adjustable In 1% Humidity Increments.

Doyon “Jet-Air™” Oven/Deck Oven Combinations – Today, The Popularity & Growth Of Artesan Breads Is Phenomenal. Why Not Have Artesan Stone-Deck Bake Capability Within The Footprint Of The Doyon “Jet-Air™” Oven? This Is Possible. Please Consult The Factory To Discuss These Modular Configurations.

Water Filtration – This Option Is Highly Recommended. Water Quality Today is Always Suspect. Doyon Can Provide Water Filters Either Shipped Separately For Field Installation, Or Mounted Directly On The Equipment. Your Choice.

“Circle-Air ™” Oven – We Offer A Complete Line Of Both 6 & 12 Pan “Mini-Rotating Rack Ovens” (With & Without Proofers/Heated Cabinets) Under The Doyon “Circle-Air ™” Brand. These Specialized Ovens Employ An All-Welded Stainless Steel Rack That Rotates Products That Are Loaded On Sheet Pans, A Full 360 Degrees Inside Of The “Jet-Air™” Oven. “Circle-Air ™” Is The Best Baking Oven In The World Today. It Is Especially Effective For Any Difficult-To-Bake Product, Or With Unavoidable Un-Even Product Loading, Even On The Same Sheet Pan. The Oven Compensates For The Product By Rotating The Product Through The Airstream Thus Exposing All Product Surfaces And Resulting In An Extremely 100% Perfect Bake.

Knowledgeable - Responsive - Total Flexibility - High Quality.

Doyon Is On Same Page As You Offering You Innovation Solutions